Art Has Gone To the Dogs (and Cats) in These Awesome Playing Cards

John Littleboy's "Pack of Dog" playing cards are a viral phenomenon. These fun cards let dogs and cats be part of your winning hand!

Life’s a Beach For These Wave-Catching Pups!

While South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, this little beach town takes, "Surf's Up!" to whole new level for charity!

All Aboard! Law Allowing Dogs On Amtrak Trains Is On Track

Congressman Jeff Denham gaining traction with bill that allows small pets on Amtrak trains. I always feel guilty leaving my dog behind when I go on adventure…

New Social Media Network Wants to Help Obese Pets Lose Weight

CareCorrals, an interactive web tool that acts as a virtual community, hopes to promote better health in pets by encouraging and supporting pet owners.

Petzila Wants To Connect You And Your Pet Anytime, Anywhere

Pew! Pew! A WiFi gadget that lets you connect with your pet AND launches treats? You know you want the PetziConnect under your tree this holiday season. Woul…

Rescued Pittie Goes Bonkers For Bonnets

A Pitbull named Abigail was rescued from a horrible situation. Now she's got a new mom, and people all over the world are sending her hats-ful of love!

Best Leashes For Bernedoodles

It’s important to make sure the leash you choose for your Bernedoodle is the right one, so we’ve compiled a list of the best leashes for Bernedoodles.

Best Pet Paintings To Hang In Your Home

Your pet is a one-of-a-kind work of art. If you're looking to capture your pet's essence on canvas, check out these animal-inspired masterpieces.

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Wine Taste?

Using the American Kennel Club as a guide, we've come up with a quiz that tells you what kind of wine you'd like, based on your dog breed group preference.

Quarantine & Chill With Teddy The Dog During the “Pawdemic”

While the state of the world today makes our heads spin faster than a dog chasing his own tail, one hound of great renown is trying to lighten things up and…

Logan’s Law Will Mandate Animal Abusers Registry, Tougher Penalties

Michigan hopes to pass a bill called Logan’s Law that will ban convicted animal abusers from adopting and puts their names in an accessible database. T…

Expecto Pet-ronum: Survey Reveals Pet Preferences of Harry Potter Fans

According to a fun survey that a company named Joybird did, it seems that Harry Potter fans have unexpected favorites when it comes to pets.

Customizable Pets Are Virtual Reality in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is coming, and this upgrade includes customizable cats and dogs. Let's face it--even in virtual reality, pets make everything better!

Craft Brewery Kickstarter Aims To Serve Pints And Help Pups

Saving animals and craft beer-there's an idea we can raise a glass to! Sanctuary Brewing Company's combines their love of beer with their love of rescues.

Study: Empathetic People Are Better Able To Read Dog Expressions

Do you feel like you and your dog have a special connection? If you're empathetic, a new study claims that you may be right.

Top 10 Super Fly Pet Products From Skymall

Have you heard the news that Skymall, the in-flight catalog that offered a vast array of wacky, never-been-seen items for purchase, is seeking bankruptcy…

Show And Tell: Pets In The Classroom Get An A+

Non-profit organization Pets in the Classroom offers grants to help teach students about pets Growing up, my family always had pets as a way to help teach us…

“Clear The Shelters” Pet Adoption Campaign Launches August 19

NBC and Telemundo Stations are teaming up with Petco in a nationwide campaign to Clear the Shelters. Encouraging people to choose a rescue pet.

BabelBark App Brings All The Barkers To The Block

This cool app brings shelters and local businesses together, offering pet parents and their adopted pets greater support and connections.

Swedish Restaurant Introduces Doggie Menu

This Swedish restaurant has gone the extra mile by creating a menu designed with the four-legged canine connoisseur in mind.

Paby 3G Smart Tracker Keeps Your Pet Safe And Fit!

Paby lets you know where your pet is in real-time, monitors step, calories burned, and lets you use your network data instead of subscription services!

All Dogs, All the Time on Nat Geo’s WILD BarkFest Weekend

Time to tune into Nat Geo WILD and binge watch your favorite pooch-related TV show as the Second Annual BarkFest begins on April 15.

Boston Law Firm Only Represents Canine Clients

All rise... now, sit! Good boy! Boston Dog Lawyers is the go-to law firm to make sure your four-legged friend is properly defended in court.

2017’s Top 10 Wacky Dog and Cat Names

Dunkin Butterbeans, Yeti Spaghetti, Ninja Killer Nine Thousand, and Jabba the Butt are just a few of the wackiest names of 2017.

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

Dirty Dogs 2019 Calendar Features Before and After Photos of Rescue Ma

The calendar features stunning transforamtions of rescue dogs- and part of the profits will be donated to help other pooches get the same chance.

10 Unexpected Expenses for First Time Dog Owners to Plan For

We all know that dogs cost money, but there are some unexpected expenses you may not have thought of. Be prepared for these costs.

Top 10 Off-The-Wall Dog Grooming Creations

Is it campy art or a really bad hair day? No matter what your opinion on the matter is, you have to admit that these extreme grooms warrant a double take.

11 Pets Who Are Seriously Rethinking This Parenting Thing

There are days when you catch yourself thinking: "WTF was I thinking having kids?!" These pet parents want to go back in time for a do-over.

Survey Reveals Canines Are Our Closest Confidants- And the Surprising

An online survey conducted on behalf of Just Right by Purina revealed some unexpected facts about the bond between dogs and their owners.

Top 10 Best Dogs for Seniors

Pets make perfect companions for aging people. If you're looking for a pooch to spend your golden years with, here are the best dogs for seniors.

Best Collars For Morkies

Sometimes finding collars to fit your little pooch may be hard, but we've got you covered with the 10 best collars for Morkies.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

There are many reasons why these dogs made it onto the Most Popular Dog Breeds list. Here are the top 10 breeds that the AKC named as very good dogs!

Top 6 Dog Breeds That Are Made in Canada

Canada has given the world some of its most popular dog breeds, so let's take the time to celebrate these eh-mazing pooches.

YaDoggie Promises Pet Wellness With Smart Scoop Technology

YaDoggie is a new food and treat company out of Santa Cruz, California, that promises to put pet wellness first and offers cool predictive shipping!

Snoot to Snoot: Q&A With Surf Therapy Dog Haole

Sandy beaches, sunny skies, and choice waves - what more could a surfing dog ask for? Haole uses his passion for the sport in his role of surf therapy dog.

Study: Dogs Listen To What We Say And How We Say It

Our pooches like to pretend they don’t hear us, but the jig is up — turns out our dogs really DO listen to what we say Sometimes you have to wond…

Turkey Passes Law That Requires Pet Parents To Undergo Mandatory Train

Now here’s a law that makes a lot of sense to us. Turkey has just pass a law that anyone who wants to own a pet now has to pass a certification and wil…

Best Pet-Themed Gym Gear

We know it's hard to get to the gym - you need a boost of motivation. Here's our top 10 list of pet-themed gym gear, guaranteed to your butt moving!

Interactive Pet Adoption Center Isn’t Your Typical Animal Shelter

A new innovative pet adoption center in Los Angeles' Silicon Beach neighborhood is replacing the typical animal shelter with a unique, welcoming space.

Top 10 Unusual Dog Names for 2012

If you're looking for unusual dog names, Banfield Pet Hospital, the world's largest veterinary practice, has a few ideas you can use.

Pets Turned Into Dinosaurs and Teddy Bears at Taiwanese Pet Salon

This is not your typical summer shave! A Taiwanese pet groomer is making a name for herself with quirky, unique fur styles that demand a second look.

This Brew’s For Bowser: Beer For Dogs Is A Cool, Refreshing Trend

Beer for canines? The growing industry lets you share a drink with man’s best friend How often have you sat on your couch, watching the football game,…

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Checklist for Pet Parents

After a long winter, it’s time to clean your house from top to bottom – and that includes all the stuff your dog uses, inside and outside of the…

10 Beautiful Bulldog Baubles

There are two kinds of people: those who love Bulldogs... and those we're not friends with. Show them you're on team Bulldog with these must-have trinkets.

Canines Can Go Green With a Sustainable Dog House

The innovative green design of the home offers a lot of cool features for your pooch- but without any cost for Mother Nature.

Spotify Helps Shelter Dogs Find Furever Home Based on Taste in Music

Spotify teamed up with a shelter in Munich to make perfect musical matches- between rescues and their potential pawrents.

Top 17 St. Patrick’s Day Gifts For Dogs

Looking to shower your pup with the love o' the Irish? Look no further than these top 17 St. Patrick's Day gifts for dogs!

Irish Councillor Slammed on Social Media For “Dangerous Breeds” Po

Get ready to *Facepalm. Irish Councillor Alan Tobin was ripped to shreds by pet parents on Facebook after sharing his new "Dangerous Dog Breeds" signs.

Best Harnesses For Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles can vary widely in sizes and weights, so we've compiled a list of the best 10 harnesses for Bernedoodles to make sure you have the right one.

Dodgy Dogs Card Game Celebrates Badly Behaved Canines

The Kickstarter's latest card game is inspired by badly behaved doggos and it's illustrated by Jean Jullien, a world-renowned visual artist.

Top 10 Totally Terrific Toques For Dogs

Get a-head (get it?) of winter fashion trends. Top your pooch with a toasty warm (and utterly adorable) a Canadian-inspired toque.

Top 10 Long Haired Cat Breeds

These cats never have a bad hair day! Boasting downy soft and luxuriant locks, these long haired cat breeds are bushy balls of kitty goodness.

Top 10 Extra Large Dog Breeds

Do you need a dog that's as big as a horse? If you believe that bigger is better, you'll want to check out our list of extra large dog breeds.

Magnolia Paws For Compassion Raises Awareness For Seizure Detection Do

What can’t service dogs be trained to do? Here’s the story of one program’s pledge to provide one-of-a-kind support animals to those affect…

Study Shows Only a Quarter of Workplaces Are Pet-Friendly- Here’s Ho

More and more companies are starting to see the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces- Trupanion offers a few tips on how to successfully become one.

Cones of Shame? More Like “Cones Of Fame!”

An animal lover and art student has turned her two passions into an effort to help homeless dogs find furever homes with her "Cones of Fame" collection.

When Duty Calls, PACT Offers Pets A Temporary Home Away From Home

We give four paws up to this amazing initiative! PACT for Animals helps pet parents deal with unexpected separations and gives them a loving foster home in t…

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Do Well in Hot Weather

Who doesn't like the warmer weather? Well, these dogs don't - they'd rather keep it cool. Here's our list of the 10 dogs that don't like hot weather.

Therapy Dogs Lend a Helping Paw to Cancer Patients and Hospital Staff

A recent research reveals that cancer surgery patients and hospital staff could have a lot to gain from including therapy dogs in their routine.